The Best of The Valley

Here at Bear Creek we might be biased, but the Shenandoah Valley is home to some of the best activities around. With the George Washington National Forest and the Skyline Drive, visitors come from all around to visit.  From amazing hikes to locally sourced foods, the Shenandoah Valley has something for everyone to enjoy.  Our […]

Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Guide

Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Guide Over the miles and miles of the expansive Blue Ridge Mountains there are so many different adventures that are just waiting to be explored.  Anything you might be looking for, from breathtaking hikes to natural swimming holes, can be found here in the Shenandoah Valleys stretch of the Blue Ridge […]

Fighting Seasonal Depression and Stress

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that occurs due to the change in daylight that typically occurs in the fall and winter.  The changes in daylight has an affect on our circadian rhythm and can greatly affect our sleep/wake patterns and hormone regulation.  SAD can cause a […]

Fall Guides and Gratitude

Combine the health benefits of a walk with the mind and soul refreshment of gratitude. A Gratitude or Thankfulness Walk is a great way to enjoy being outside and away from the myriad of distractions in life while focusing our mind on the gifts and blessings that we have. In Jon Gordon’s book, The Energy […]

Farmers’ Markets and Pick Your Own Farms

On summer Saturday mornings, our hardworking local farmers and artisans bring their seasonal bounties and craft to showcase. Enjoy the slowing down of a meandering stroll through the various booths of vendors. Let it take you to visions of simpler times before big box stores and bulk shopping. Listen to live musicians share their passions […]

Garden Favorites

Each Spring, as the world returns to grow anew, we are beckoned outdoors to our gardens to assist in that cultivation of new life. Sprouts and buds give us great delight and excitement! Whether you are a new or experience gardener, we want to encourage you to get outdoors, enjoy your garden, and try new […]

Take Your Spring Cleaning Outside

Perk up your Patio for Spring As the days are getting longer and the sun lingers a bit more in the evenings, you can sense that spring is coming and you are ready to get back outdoors! Spring cleaning may feel like a pesky task, but take it outdoors to soak up the sunshine and […]

Love Where You Live

We are big advocates of the mindset: Love Where You Live. That is a big factor in why we want to create amazing outdoor living spaces for people to enjoy the outdoors right at home, but we also love the Shenandoah Valley and central Virginia. Living local and buying local builds up our community. This […]

Build Relationships and Be Together

The Bear Necessities is a curated monthly list of our team’s seasonal and general favorite things that encourage and assist us in spending time outdoors. We simply enjoy them and they help us #LiveOutdoors. This month, our favorite things encourage us to build relationships and be together. We love these products because they help you […]

Host an Outdoor Winter Party

We all enjoy spending quality time with our friends and family. However, with the winter months comes the struggle of the cold weather that often forces us inside. Instead of allowing the chilly temperatures and snow to shut us inside, embrace it by hosting an outdoor winter party! You can make use of your back […]