Victoria Mininger

Over the last 18 years Victoria has gained a wide range of skills that help her in her role as Founder of Bear Creek. She brings leadership and wisdom to all that we do. Her secret passion is that she loves sustainable farming and gardening. She is happiest when her fingers are in the dirt. Victoria is also a dedicated author and speaker.

Zach James

BCE Integrator
Zach plays a crucial role in our leadership team, and acts as our company’s integrator. He is excellent in coordinating and executing tasks, with great organization. He is detail oriented and works hard to problem solve with efficiency. In his daily life, he loves to dabble in all things outdoors.

Josh Gorman

BCS Integrator
Josh is currently the Integrator for our sister company, Bear Creek Supply. His years of experience in all aspects of construction make him a valuable resource for our team and clients. He is always ready to serve and help get the job done.

Brian Mininger

In all things, Brian loves putting things together. Husband to Victoria, Brian acts as the company’s visionary and one of our Designers, guiding our clients through their project with passion and efficiency. When not in the office, you can find Brian with his family, at a baseball game, or even running a 100 mile race.

Leslie Carter

As one of our Designers, Leslie assists our clients in designing their dream outdoor space and making it a reality! Tagging along throughout the whole process with our clients, she provides an upbeat and positive attitude to the team. In her freetime, Leslie enjoys spending time with her family and growing her Mary Kay business.

Keith Artley

Project Manager
As one of our Project Managers, Keith is an experienced and valued asset to the team. He helps manage our projects and ensure that our client’s’ projects run smoothly. Outside of work, Keith likes to spend time with his family, hiking, biking, and fishing.

Todd Birckhead

Project Manager
Todd brings strong value to Bear Creek as one of our Project Managers. Todd works hard to get the job done, and in high spirits, making sure our clients projects run smoothly. Outside of his responsibilities at work, he loves spending time with his family and working on personal construction projects.

Brett Carter

We are happy to have two Carter’s on our team! Brett is the husband of Leslie, one of our Project Consultants. He is an excellent Crew Foreman. He brings a keen eye for details and leads his team with precision. In his free time, Brett enjoys spending time with his family and outside!

Elberto "Beto" Luna

As one of our Production Foreman, Beto brings a productive and fun spirit to the team. With a kind personality, Beto gets the job done and is dedicated to the team and his work. In his free time, Beto loves spending time with his family and friends, and hiking.

Travis Shifflett

Foreman - Shop
As our Shop Lead, Travis is always on the move to keep the shop rolling. He is quick to problem solve and “hustle” is his middle name. Travis always comes to work with a positive and hard working attitude. In his free time, Travis loves to spend time with his kids and try new things.

Troy VonMoos

As one of our crewmen, Troy has a passion and drive for what he does, working hard on the job sites. He is a valued asset to this team as he is motivated in all that he does, with a deep desire to grow. In his free time, he plays guitar for his band called Disposed.

David Mininger

Production Support
Retired from 35 years of working as an insurance agent, we‘re thrilled to have Dave on our team as a responsible and helpful member to our Production Support Team. He loves spending time with his family, helping in his church & playing softball! He is referred to by Brian as “Dad”.

Russel Brown

Facility Maintenance
Russell is our main man when it comes to maintaining our facility. Russell is an important member of our team, keeping things in the shop and office running smoothly and efficiently. Outside of work, Russell invested in his very own business, Brown’s Repair Services.

Shanne Reeder

Shop Fabrication
Shanne has passion for woodworking and is a valued member of our shop team. He brings a sense of fun humor and energy to the team, and enjoys working on Bear Creek’s shop projects. In his free time, he loves to hike and camp, and do essentially anything outdoors.

Bob Gomez

Shop Fabrication
Bob works hard to get things done for the team in our shop! He is always quick to encourage or lend a listening ear. He is known to Victoria as “Dad.” In his free time, you can find Bob volunteering at Love INC in Fishersville, as well as spending time with his family.

Jonathan Steele

Web Marketing/IT Manager
As our Tech Support and Website Manager, Jon has been a great helper to have on the team . He works in video editing, website layout and content creation for the company website. He does this with passion and dedication. In his free time, he loves working on cars and playing video games.

Lori Randolph

As our Bookkeeper, Lori has done an amazing job streamlining our company’s finances. She is dedicated to her work and always works with precision and detail. During her free time she enjoys traveling, crocheting, sewing, other crafts, and spending time with her family.

Angeli Reyes

Assistant Bookkeeper
Angeli is a hard worker as our Bookkeeper’s Assistant. She is Lori’s right hand woman, assisting her in data management and finances within the company. She is detail oriented and always gets the job done. Outside of work, Angeli loves spending time with her son, and the weekends at her church.

Ernan Hernandez

Drafting/3D Design
Ernan is one of our talented 3D Designers for our Design process. He enjoys working on large-scale projects such as Porches incorporated with landscaping and providing construction details. He dedicates his hard work into making sure the client is satisfied with their designs. During his free time, Ernan enjoys playing Badminton, drawing sketches, and flair bottles.


Jack Dull


Jack Dull was an exceptionally hard working, dedicated, and talented man. As a valued member of our team, Jack was more than just a colleague; he was like family. Jack had forty years of electrical experience, a Master Electrician. His work was infused with a deep passion, always willing to try something new, and go the extra mile to get the job done. His passion was not only applied to his job but also for the people he worked alongside. He always came to work with a big smile, positive attitude, and a wonderful sense of humor.


His commitment to service extended beyond his professional life and was grounded in his profound faith. He collaborated with his father on the 4th of July for many years, lighting up the sky with fireworks. This was a beacon for his family, and the Staunton City Community.


As he passed suddenly in September of 2023, Jack will be deeply missed. He will always be a part of the Bear Creek Family, and his memory will forever hold a special place in our hearts and be cherished by this company for all the years to come.