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Over the last number of years people have started returning to the joys of backyard gardening.  Some folks desire more control over how their food is grown, some desire to be more food secure or maybe some desire to get back to the long remembered days of helping a parent or grandparent in their garden. Indeed, adding a garden to your backyard is an investment worth the sweet reward it will bring year after year.

Because truth be told, there is something wonderful about that first red, ripe tomato plucked from the garden or the crisp taste of early snap peas enjoyed standing beside the trellis that bears their sweet weight.

When we install a perennial or edible garden/landscaping, we want to help you discover beautiful and sustainable ways to enjoy your garden for years to come.

Victoria Mininger

Victoria Mininger

Founder, Permaculture Designer & Garden Consultant

Victoria loves sustainable agriculture and has years of gardening experience passed down to her by her parents and experienced gardens along the way. In 2018 Victoria completed her certification in Permaculture Design from Shenandoah Permaculture Institute and serves as Bear Creek’s lead Garden designer and consultant, incorporating permaculture principles throughout her garden designs.

This is why we love what we do

“Victoria and her team installed beautiful garden beds for us right off of our back porch. They gave incredible care and attention to the details, quality, and ease of use of our garden area. Not only that, but Victoria provided personalized advice and consultation on getting started on the right foot with growing produce. We’re so happy with the work they did for us!”