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Here at Bear Creek, we are a team of passionate craftsmen and women who build cool things, but more importantly we strive to build people – on our team and in our community.

This team loves the work they do.  Whether they work on the construction, design, administrative, marketing or sales teams they love their work and serve one another every day.  This creates a team of people that “want to be here.”

We are enthusiastic about growing people and craftsmen, enabling them to achieve their goals both personally and professionally. We know that as a team, only together we grow.



What do our Employees Say About Working Here

I really appreciate working with the Bear Creek team, because it’s such a great group of people. It’s exciting to be around people each day, who are continuously seeking ways to better their skills, abilities, and themselves as a whole. We also have a lot of fun.

I appreciate how we encourage each other to work as a team. Great company to work for.

The heart of the team working together. As companies grow it’s not always easy, but I got to see the team pull together to help each other through various transitions to where the company is now. The most impactful part I would say is when the Covid crisis hit and places were shutting down and laying people off, Brian and Victoria pulled the team together and reassured everyone that we would get through this together. They got through it without having to lay anyone off and that was a powerful statement.

The team welcomed me in quickly. I appreciate the heart of the company to build people as individuals, as well as craftsmen. Through things as small as ordinary tasks to each daily interaction, I have also been impacted by the desire they have to strengthen community as a whole.

I love that everyone is treated as a valuable member of the team. I appreciate how much Bear Creek cares about my personal development and my family. I’ve never felt like I was working for a company but have instead had the experience of working for and with good friends.