Team Member Spotlight: Bob Gomez

Here at Bear Creek, we are privileged to have such a great team of people working for our clients. Once a month we highlight one of our team members so that you can get to know them a little bit better.

This month the spotlight falls on Bob Gomez  – Bob joined the Bear Creek team January 2019 and provides production support for our Bear Creek Teams, both on the field and in our workshop.  Originally from Taos, New Mexico – Bob nows resides in Fishersville with his wife Alta.

Bob Gomez 

Bob Gomez came to the Bear Creek team in January of 2019 after being offered a production support position by his daughter, Victoria.  Bob is the father of our founder, Victoria, and is our most senior member on our Bear Creek team.  In production support, Bob spends time picking up materials and delivering them to crews in the shop by loading and unloading materials.  As said in the name, production support allows him to support the men in the field and shop and their production of products and projects.  Bob has been a great addition to the team and we love having his infectious smile and personality on the team.

More From Bob

Since I am moving around alot, I do not individually work on projects but I do get to travel from site to site.  I love getting to see the different projects that our crews are working on every week.  Something that I appreciate about working at Bear Creek is the genuine atmosphere and friendships that the crew have made.  I also enjoy getting to see my daughter and son-in-law on a weekly basis and that has been really nice.  When I’m not working for Bear Creek, I spend much of my time volunteering with a local organization known as Love Inc. (Love In the Name of Christ) . I enjoy this work because I get to help individuals who are seeking aide in different areas of their lives. I love getting to know people and hear their stories. Volunteering with Love Inc. puts me in a position to hear other’s stories and encourage them in their time of need.

Few Fun Facts

  1. I used to be a forest firefighter
  2. I love all kinds of ice cream
  3. My two favorite shows are Cops and Dr. Phil
  4. My wife and I have 10 granddaughters and we love spending time with them.