Co-Founder/ Vice President Spotlight: Brian Mininger

Brian Mininger

Brian Mininger joined his wife, Victoria (Founder/President of Bear Creek), in the Fall of 2016 as the Co-founder and Vice President of Bear Creek. He is the visionary for our team and helps move us forward. When he joined the company, Victoria and Brian were looking to expand the construction services that the company was offering. He has 25 + years of experience in the construction industry. Day-to-day, he meets with clients and designs projects. Though it is not often… he still loves to get out in the field to work alongside the carpenters.

More From Brian 

I am originally from Waynesboro, VA and currently reside here with my wife and four daughters: Michaela, Anna, Rachel, and Kaitlyn. In my downtime, I really enjoy participating in activities for my daughters and the events that are going on at their schools. I also really love being outdoors. Specifically, hiking in Shenandoah National Park and trail running. I have competed in a few ultra-events and look forward to running more races in the future.

Fun Facts about Brian

  • He has completed two 100 Mile Ultramarathon’s.
  • My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • I love the movie Remember the Titans
  • I am a huge college basketball and football fan.
  • I cheer for the Atlanta Braves

At Bear Creek, we are blessed to have an amazing team. We share about our team members because we are proud of who they are and we love for you to get to know them better.  To learn more about any of our team members you can visit our Team Page.