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Take Your Spring Cleaning Outside

Perk up your Patio for Spring

As the days are getting longer and the sun lingers a bit more in the evenings, you can sense that spring is coming and you are ready to get back outdoors! Spring cleaning may feel like a pesky task, but take it outdoors to soak up the sunshine and prepare for warmer days ahead. Brew some iced tea and take a seat to read Leslie’s tips to get ready for spring!

Spring cleaning applies to outdoor spaces!
Once you have cleared off all the leftover debris from the fall and winter on your deck or porch, and possibly moved some furniture out of the way, grab your bucket and your favorite cleaner.

My go to for my concrete porch is: 1/2C Baking Soda, 1/8C Dawn Dish Soap, 1C Hydrogen Peroxide, and 1 gallon of water.  Scrub with a brush or mop, let sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off.

Don’t forget the ceiling and the windows, they can use a good rinse as well. You can also wipe down your furniture, umbrellas and cushions with gentle soap or vinegar and water.

A Pop of Color The colors of spring are so refreshing after the dull muted colors of winter. You can add fun and colorful cushions, pillows, or light blankets to your seating areas. Overall, you can add a sign, side table, and vase or planter. If you are crafty you can make some of these things yourself in your favorite colors. The possibilities are endless to add your favorite feel-good colors to your space.  This spring you can try some new colors or use your tried-and-true colors.

What is your favorite outdoor color?  Mine is teal and blues.

Fresh flowers for simple beauty
Flowers are a simple addition to bring beauty into any space, but even more than that, they have positive benefits for your mood and outlook on life, while boosting your energy and happiness. You can add them to the ground or planters. Hanging planters can create depth to your space. Don’t forget fertilizer when planting to keep them healthy and long-lasting.

I love the color and sophisticated look that flowers can bring to a space. I love the planters and selection at Milmont Garden Center.

Welcome Spring with rugs and mats
I love rugs and welcome mats. So much that I use two at my front door!  My husband may not be as excited for this as I am, but hey, it makes me happy! 

Layering your welcome rugs and mats adds a unique look and you never have to settle with just one!  Adding a rug or two at the front door, as well as a large outdoor rug near your seating area will help bring definition, color, and your personality to a space! You can also add linen curtains to add privacy and definition. They help tie it all together and creates a cozy space!

Did someone say cozy?
If you don’t have a favorite spot that you like to go to, it is time to create one! It doesn’t have to be daunting! Think about how you love to relax and unwind and create a space that fits you and your family.

Do you love to have a glass of tea and chat with your friend? A small bistro set can be the perfect place to host a friend. You can even enjoy your breakfast and your morning coffee while you listen to the birds and watch the sun bring the morning light. Maybe you love to take a nap or just have quiet time with a good book. A large porch swing full of pillows or an inviting outdoor couch with a cozy throw is a wonderful space to kick your feet up after a hard week of work.

Decorating your space can be super fun and simple. Bring your own needs, style, and personality to the space. If you are looking for some ideas for your space or need more help, reach out.  I would love to help create your favorite outdoor space this Spring!

Leslie Carter is our Sales and Design Manager and is passionate about serving our customers! Leslie Carter is a Project Consultant and Furnishing Designer for Bear Creek Outdoor Living. She has years of experience with outdoor living products and style. She brings a great eye for design to our team!

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