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Each Spring, as the world returns to grow anew, we are beckoned outdoors to our gardens to assist in that cultivation of new life. Sprouts and buds give us great delight and excitement!

Whether you are a new or experience gardener, we want to encourage you to get outdoors, enjoy your garden, and try new things. Don’t be afraid to fail, just try and learn. Start small and take notes. Some times seeds don’t germinate, just keeping trying. Buy starts to make it a little easier. Shop local and avoid box stores, if you can. Find for local extension that provides education and attend their events. Look into square foot and container gardening if you don’t have much space

Here are some of our favorite things when it comes to working in the garden.

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Gardeners Gold is that good! Many gardens’ soils are deficient in organic matter, so this compost mixture improves soil structure and microbiological activity which in turn increases growth and nutrient uptake of crops.

Amy Stross is a permaculture gardener, writer, educator, and author of The Suburban Micro-Farm. Her adventure is transforming a 3-acre property into a micro-farm. She shares her adventures and expertise in small-scale permaculture gardening in this great book and on her website.

The Bacho Pruner is one of the best values in an all-purpose pruner. It’s a smooth working, durable pruner and shear for vegetable, fruit, and shrub work.

The Gorilla Cart does the heavy lifting for you in the garden. Available in different hauling capacities and with an option for a dump feature. It is heavy duty, easy to clean and all-terrain tires make it easy to haul dirt, mulch and debris.

This Hand Hoe from Johnny’s Seeds is a favorite among short-handled weeders. The sharp blade easily and precisely slices weeds at ground level with a hardwood handle. It’s an affordable and excellent option.

The Permaculture Design Courses at Shenandoah Permaculture Institute are geared towards serious homesteading and commercial Permaculture farming in the Mid-Atlantic, while leaving plenty of room for the hobbyist and the simply curious. The course is hands-on, practical and demystifies foundational concepts to give you the confidence and skills to jump right into your own projects.

If you like to start your own seeds, Territorial Seed Company is one of our favorite companies to get seeds from. They’ve been family owned since 1979, their mission is to help growers produce fresh-from-the-garden food year ‘round. They still do paper catalogs and as a gardener it feels a little like Christmas to sit and look through the catalog and plan out the year’s garden.

These large garden boxes are perfect for plants and vegetables. With plenty of room and depth for even the deepest root vegetables, these tall planters allow you to garden with ease without all the pain of bending.

In Virginia we are in Zone 7 for plants and once the last frost date passes, plant starts can go in the ground. We love plant starts from Milmont Garden Center and Greenhouses, right here locally in Stuarts Draft, they have everything from Arugula to Zucchini. They also have excellent resources and garden guides.

A Japanese style Hori Hori Weeding Knife is a great tool for gardeners. Built of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel with a sharp, serrated edge and marked along the edge with handy inch increments for depth and spacing measurements. It also includes a sharpener to keep it in good working order.

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