Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Guide

Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Guide

Over the miles and miles of the expansive Blue Ridge Mountains there are so many different adventures that are just waiting to be explored.  Anything you might be looking for, from breathtaking hikes to natural swimming holes, can be found here in the Shenandoah Valleys stretch of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  In their dark and looming beauty, there are pockets of hidden treasures that are so special and unique to any who come to explore them.

Humpback Rock

Humpback Rock is a local favorite that has breathtakingly stunning 360 degree views of the whole valley below.  When you reach the Humpback Rock Parking Area that are a few options you can choose from for your hike.  There are several loops to choose one, one is a 4.3 mile loop that is perfect for a slight continuous climb of altitude but taking more time.  The second is apart of the Appalachian Trail as a 6.6 mile out-and-back hike, which is will take longer still.  The third and final option is by far the most popular which is only 2 miles there and back, while a shorter difference this climb is quite a bit more strenuous with a 700 ft climb in elevation.  Whichever way you decide to travel you will find rewarding views at the end of your climb for which you can see for miles standing on the Humpback Rock.

White Rock Falls

White Rock Falls is a beautiful, 4.4 mile loop hike that brings you to gorgeous water falls, swimming holes, and open views of the surrounding mountain ranges.  Just off the 18 mile mark of the Blue Ridge Parkway, this trail is easily accessible but its important to make sure you are embarking on the right trail.  On one end of the parking area you have the White Rock Gap trail and the opposite is the White Rock Falls trailhead that will take you where you want to go.  This trail is also pet-friendly and is a great hike for your furry friends to join along.  This trail is riddled with natural gems that is a true treat to experience.

Ravens Roost Overlook

Ravens Roost Overlook could be, in my opinion, one of the most popular spots in this stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here you will find breathtaking views of the west side of the Blue Ridge Mountains, on clean days you can see for miles over the Shenandoah Valley.  Ravens Roost has lots of space to explore the mountain side, set up hammocks, and enjoy the view with friends and family.  Just directly off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Ravens Roost is an easy pitstop for some quick views or a great place to spend hours admiring the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley.

Triple Crown of Virginia

When you think of the Triple Crown, I’m sure you think of the racing horses and big hats.  The Triple Crown of Virginia is not quite that extravagant but its still one of the most amazing sights to see.  This 32 – mile loop trail features Tinker Cliffs, Dragon’s Tooth, McAffee’s Knob (pictured in order) near Salem, Virginia off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  For avid hikers this loop can be done all together in a weekend, but for those wanted a day trip, each section of the hike can be accessed stand alone.  This section of the Appalachian Trail is one of the most notable and photographed on the entire journey and is truly an amazing site to see.

Blue Ridge Tunnel

The Blue Ridge Tunnel, originally built in the 1800s as a train tunnel through the mountain has been rebuilt into a local, historic attraction.  The entire tunnel is 2.2 miles and relatively easy with access points and parking lots at both ends.  Just one of the many adventures to explore, this tunnel is one of few in the area that have been renovated for visitors and is a must visit for a nice afternoon hike.

Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains we have many gorgeous sights to see and these are only a few examples.  Getting out into nature is something we encourage here at Bear Creek but its important for everyone to find something of their skill set that they enjoy.  For more information and suggestions on hikes and adventures check out and