Partnering with Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

Victoria shares about our partnership with Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

The team side of Bear Creek is so important to us and we are so thankful for our partnership with WWRC. We started partnering with them about two years ago. They have students coming into various programs, but for us, specifically the carpentry program. Part of their schooling is doing an internship with a local business that helps them continue developing their skills. We have been so blessed by this partnership. They students have come in with a desire to learn and it helps us become better teachers to assist the next generation of craftsmen in honing their skills, so that when they graduate and move beyond they can excel in the field.

We have had 4 interns come through so far. One of the gentlemen has come back to work for us full time, which is so exciting for us! We have two currently working with us and they have had such bright and eager spirits! They have enjoyed the fun of our team and are developing friendships and mentorships. It is a great way to serve the community and serve these young people to help them develop and grow.

β€œThe community connection is so important because we need businesses that are willing to train our students.” – Al Clausen, External Training Option, WWRC

If you are a local business owner, if you are looking for interns and young people that are eager to learn and work, we encourage you to connect with WWRC.

We love building our team at Bear Creek and we are so thankful for our clients and our community as they also support this vision! We are also so thankful for WWRC and the great partnership with had with them!

Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center is located in Fishersville, VA.

  • Vision: To be the preferred provider of comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation for Virginians with Disabilities.
  • Mission: Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center provides people with disabilities comprehensive, individualized services to realize personal independence through employment.
  • Values: We are committed to professional standards, good stewardship of resources, full accountability and the well-being and dignity of others.

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