Meet the Bear Creek Team: Anna Henderson

Meet the Bear Creek Team: Anna Henderson, Garden Foreman.

Anna Henderson

Anna joined the Bear Creek team in August 2022 and works as our Garden Foreman in Training. Anna is originally from Waynesboro, Va and currently resides in Fishersville, Va. Aside from growing up watching her mother, our Founder, Victoria Mininger, garden at their home, Anna is always looking for ways to learn more about gardening and perennial landscaping. 

Anna manages our Garden Install Crew. She takes care of everything from planning future projects, managing current ones and checking in on past jobs to make sure things are growing well. She is a naturally relational person and connects with homeowners and our team with ease. 

More from Anna 

I love seeing our team transform an undeveloped space into something inviting and visually appealing with the natural elements of plants and landscaping. I also enjoy collaborating with other crews on projects that have lots of elements. I am learning so much from other team members across various crafts. Everyone is incredibly hard working and takes pride in their work, which is so encouraging to me as I want to do the very best work I can for every project I have a hand in, so it is important to me to give each one the attention it deserves. 

When I am not working, I enjoy traveling to the local National Parks with my husband, (Shop Production Support, Logan Henderson) and our Great Dane. I also enjoy volunteering at a local horse rescue, reading books, and hanging out with family and friends.  If I could sit on a deck with any person in the world, I would like to have a conversation with Jane Goodall, because she has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the earth that I would love to hear about. 

A Few Fun Facts

1. I never carved a pumpkin until last year (2021). 

2. I have an extreme love for ice cream. 

3. I own a Great Dane, two cats, and a bearded dragon. 

4. I live in a camper and love it. 

5. My favorite kinds of music are indie folk, old country, and rock.

At Bear Creek, we are blessed to have an amazing team. We share about our team members because we are proud of who they are and we love for you to get to know them better.  To learn more about any of our team members you can visit the Bear Creek Team Page.