May Newsletter: Mother's Day and Showroom Update

To the amazing mothers that make Bear Creek run smoothly.....

I hope everyone remembered Mother’s Day this year, and if not, this is your reminder. It’s a day to slow down and appreciate the women in our lives that have helped raise us, taught us, encouraged us, and everything in-between. We simply could not pass this opportunity up to give a resounding shout out to the women we are blessed to get to work with everyday. 

Victoria Mininger (mom to four)

Victoria Mininger is not just the founder of Bear Creek Outdoor Living, but she is also mother to four girls! Michaela (eldest), Anna and Rachel (middle twins), and Kaitlyn (youngest) would say that she raised them with a peaceful, kind, and encouraging spirit. She never wavered in teaching her daughters that they could do whatever they set their minds to; supporting them through the late nights of college, the nerves of  a wedding, and the excitement of moving. You name it, she is there. 

Victoria has always been a foundational example of how to make the most out of this life. She could not help but to pass down her heart for the outdoors, gardening, and exploring. You will find plenty of smiling pictures of her and her family out and about. Over the years, she has been half of the mastermind for a Christmas spent in snowy Maine, a week spent hiking through California’s redwoods, long walks on the shores of North Carolina, and weekends camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Victoria says her favorite thing about being a mother is “(w)atching my daughters grow into wonderful women. Raising children was full of challenges, surprises, heartache and yet deep joy for me. My favorite thing about being a mother [has] changed depending on the season my girls [are] in, but now as a mom of adult children, I love when they drop in to see me, call me out of the blue just to say hi, when we spend time together just chatting and catching up on life and a thousand other small things that make being a mom wonderful.”

Leslie Carter (Mother to three)

If you have ever had the privilege of working with Leslie, you probably know that she is a fun, energetic, and kind person. It probably would not surprise you to know that she is the exact same way with her three kids; Addison (20), Annabelle (17), and Sterling (11). You can usually find her enthusiastically cheering them on at sporting events, hosting game and movie nights, and exploring the Blue Ridge via Kayaks. She is the mother that will show up with all the gear and all the snacks! They will also be the best snack you have ever had. 

Leslie, as she is at work, is an ever-present kind of mother. She truly enjoys every moment of being involved in their lives. She says that “to see their smile and hear laughter is the best!” Fiercely encouraging and protective, she works to soak up every moment to “tuck it away to remember for years to come.” She will always empower them to do the scary thing, take chances, and be who they are to the core. Leslie is a light and encouragement to everyone she comes in contact with and her children feel so blessed to call her mother. She has gotten to see her kids tackle first jobs, moving out, prom nights, FFA banquets, and even throwing the first pitch at a UVA baseball game. 

Leslie says that her favorite thing about being a mother is “(t)hat God picked me to be their mom.  I enjoy being a part of any and everything that they do!  To see their smile and hear laughter is the best!  The small things matter the most to me.”

Lori Randolph (mother of four)

Lori Randolph is a team member that not many of our clients have the privilege of meeting. She works day after day as the Bear Creek bookkeeper, but at home, she never stops moving in order to keep up with her four kids; Hunter (10), Ember (7), Willow (3), and Soren (9 months). On top of being an ever-present mom of her four amazing children, she is also in charge of an abundance of animals; two dogs, three cats, one bearded dragon, and two hamsters! Just like Snow White, she inspires kindness, a love of animals, and taking chances. 

Lori is the kind of mother that brings magic and discovery into day to day life. She saysI’ve been told I am an “all things fun” kind of mom. I try to be involved in all their interests and be present for them.” When they aren’t playing games and exploring the great outdoors, they are traveling to every kid’s dreamland. Their family frequents Disney Land and recently returned from a Disney cruise to The Bahamas! We did snorkeling with stingrays with Hunter and Ember, and Willow and Soren loved playing in the water on their first time at the beach.” She is constantly encouraging her kids to get out, make memories, try new things, and do it all with a smile on their face. Lori has gotten to watch her kids tackle fundraisers, each new grade, pumpkin carving, and all the wonderful things about being a kid. 

Lori says her favorite thing about being a mother is “Watching my children grow up, and seeing the magic of childhood through their eyes.”

Angeli Reyes (mother to one)

Angeli is another team member that few people have the privilege of meeting. She works as Lori’s right hand woman, working as our Bookkeeper’s Assistant from the Philippines. She is the proud mother to Zaiden, a five year old boy. Angeli works hard to keep up with him and enjoys spending every second she can playing with him and helping him grow. 

Angeli would describe herself as a “Caring, loving and strict mom.” When she isn’t working, you will usually find her with her church community, playing with her son, or working on a craft project. On top of that, she enjoys listening to gospel music and passing on that love to her son. She says “ I love playing with him and just being near him makes me happy.”

Angeli says her favorite thing about being a mother is “He is a piece of me/my heart whom I can touch, hug and love.”

Showroom Announcements:

After many years of hard work, our showroom is officially open! We recently had a “soft” opening this month, which has been a long time coming. This space has been in development for longer then you can imagine. We have always wanted a welcoming and inviting space for new clients to dream and get acquainted with us, current clients to make selections and meet their consultant in person, and past clients to drop in to say hello and pick up backyard accessories. We envision this being a space that allows everyone to be able to see and understand the value of getting outdoors in their day to life, value connections with community, and to invest in your space. Also to show off the really cool operable pergola and outdoor speakers…

Many hours from every employee, multiple subcontractors, and our amazing vendors have gone into getting this space developed. Russel Brown (facility maintenance) helped installed the pergola, lighting, and speakers. Brett Carter (foreman), Logan Henderson (production support) and Troy VanMoose (foreman) stripped the old floors. Brian Mininger (co-owner) and Anna Henderson (sales/marketing assistant) built the reception desk and patio. Leslie Carter (Project Consultants/designer) organized and designed the space. Victoria Mininger (CEO) is currently landscaping the outside of our building. We also owe a huge shout out to the different suppliers and vendors that have made this possible. In particular, Belgard, NT Pavers, Burly USA, SiteOne Landscaping Supply, RH Peterson, Diamond Hill Plywood, Primo, Rico Rock, Bio Design USA and so many others. This would not have been possible without them and I have included links below to all. 

Everyday we are adding new displays and merchandise, so, if you are out and about and see our sign outside, feel free to drop in to watch the progress as we continue to develop this space. Also, keep an eye out for when we schedule our official ribbon cutting! So, if you’re wanting to inquire about a project,  hoping to take a look at the variety of products on display, or simply curious and wanting to see if for yourself; we would be more then happy to have you visit us!


NT Pavers:

Burly USA:

SiteOne Landscape Supply:


Diamond Hill Plywood:

Primo Ceramic Grills:

Rico Rock:

Bio Design USA:

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