FAQ: Are We Local?

Hello, Brian Mininger with Bear Creek Outdoor Living here and wanted to answer a question that we get asked a lot, is are you local? And understand the heart behind that question is people want to understand, are you from here? Can we trust you? Are you going to be here? Are you going to be coming in and gone? And so we are a local company. Our base of operations is in Waynesboro, which is my hometown. We are across from the fire department in a building that when I was younger, I remember coming in here with my father as this was the building supply. We serve the surrounding area, so the communities of Western Albemarle County, Crozet, Greenwood, Afton, into Charlottesville, and then we go south down to Wintergreen Resort and west to Staunton, north to Harrisonburg and south to Lexington. And so we serve all of those areas and we live in these communities. And so it is a pleasure for us to help our neighbors create spaces that help them get outdoors and daily life.