January 2024 Newsletter

Hello, Outdoor Fans! It’s Backyard Brian from Bear Creek Outdoor Living. Is it is winter time and we are all inside, I got thinking about why many people don’t hang out in their outdoor spaces. It’s not just cold weather – when summer comes, there are other problems. Let’s talk about the top five reasons […]

August Evenings

As another summer cools off and schedules fill up, make it a priority to spend time outdoors! 1.) Fun, Easy Entry Sports – Pickleball and Disc Golf are both fun sports to start in any stage of life. Disc Golf is a self guided walk through a park while throwing frisbees. Pickleball is a fun low […]

Celebrate this Summer and Outdoor Music

Whether you are celebrating a holiday, the recent graduate in your life, or just a want a reason to make a cocktail and get together with friends, we have a few fun additions for your outdoor celebrations as you kick off your summer! Five fun additions for outdoor summer parties String Lights: String lights are […]

Finding Balance and Things to Love this Season

FINDING TRUE FOOTING IN A CHAOTIC WORLD I think I can confidently say that we all long to find balance in life.  I know I do.  I love a well ordered life. For years I thought that balance meant all the areas of my life deserved my equal and undivided attention.  But then an area […]

Create your own Getaway with Design

The Southwest Airlines price option named “Wanna Getaway?” begs to us answer with an easy, “Yes!” And with good reason, studies have shown that taking time away on vacation, especially in outdoor environments, can have physical and mental health benefits. Vacations have been proven to lower stress and reduce your risk of heart disease. Taking […]

Setting Big Goals and Fall Inspiration

Brian, Bear Creek’s Co-Founder, recently completed the Grindstone 100 Mile Trail Race. A grueling, massive elevation gain, foot race with a time cut off. Competing in it is a BHAG.  The term BHAG was originally coined by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in their book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, first published […]

Fall Guides and Gratitude

Combine the health benefits of a walk with the mind and soul refreshment of gratitude. A Gratitude or Thankfulness Walk is a great way to enjoy being outside and away from the myriad of distractions in life while focusing our mind on the gifts and blessings that we have. In Jon Gordon’s book, The Energy […]

Launching Garden Services and Essentials for Outdoor Dining

Driven by a mix of passion and a desire to add meaningful services, we are launching our Garden Design Service. We now offer design and installation for perennial and edible garden landscaping. We want to help our clients discover beautiful and sustainable ways to enjoy your garden for years to come.  Led by our Founder, […]

Charcuterie Boards and Music Festival

Want to make a Charcuterie Board, but not sure how?  Grab a tray and let’s get started. Start with some of your favorite meats. I like pre-sliced options, such as pepperoni, capicola ham and salami, you can look for big or small slices for variety. Depending on the group you are hosting, you can go […]

Big Rocks First and Get Out on the Trails

We aren’t talking about paver patios or outdoor living spaces when we think about Big Rocks First. Developed by Stephen Covey, Big Rocks First, is a leadership principle and life habit that emphasizes how we manage our time based on our priorities and values. If you think of life as a jar that has finite […]