Pressure Treated Quick Deck

With quick deck you can order a deck and we’ll build it in our warehouse and come out and install it in a couple days. This ensures a fast delivery decking system and is easily portable and versatile to install. You can move and arrange them in any style that you would like even after install.

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  • Fast delivery

  • Long lasting decking

  • Provides spacious gathering area

  • Easily portable and versatile


  • Geo Textile Fabric Underneath for Weed Control

  • Camo Edge Screw Hidden Decking Fasteners

  • Dimensions (Per Square)

    Width: 44.5″

    Length:  44.5″

    Height: 4.5″

  • Made from pressure treated wood

  • Set on Concrete Block

  • Option to Add Perimeter Band Board



  • 9 squares or more: $300 per square (Installed)

  • 8 squares or fewer: $360 per square (Installed)

  • Bulk discounts available for large projects. Call for more information.

Our Simple Process Delivers Outdoor Living More Easily Than You Ever Thought Possible