Wood Pergola Around Existing Patio

This fast track pergola provides the home owner with a pergola over their existing patio. With the added sun protection from the pergola the client can enjoy their backyard space with some shade. Kick back and relax after a long day of work and enjoy the outdoors with a pergola like this one.



  • Provides sun protection

  • Spacious gathering area

  • Built around existing patio

  • Fast track project


  • Dimensions: 12′ x 16′
  • Free-Standing Pergola
  • Addition of 16″ Gravel Border Around Front of Existing Pergola
  • Built Around Existing Patio
  • Double 2×10 Pressure treated Long Beam
  • 6×6 Pressure Treated Posts
  • 2×8 Pressure Treated Long Joists
  • 2×4 Pressure Treated Purlins
  • Pea Gravel Border
  • 4 Cobble Alleghany Concrete Patio Stone
  • 16″ x 16″ Pavers
  • Brock 24″ x 36″ L Polypropylene Paver Base Panel