Patios, Firepit and Walkway

This backyard project provides the home owner with two spacious backyard areas to enjoy. This project consists of a walkway and firepit area and a patio providing a seating area. The walkway gives the home owner easy access to their pre-existing deck and their driveway. Enjoy your outdoor area with a patio like this.


Project Budget



  • Space to Gather with Friends

  • Brand new backyard area

  • Access to Deck from Driveway

  • Relax by the Fire


  • Dining Patio Dimensions: 24′ x 12′
  • Firepit Patio at Deck Dimensions: 16′ x 16′
  • 3′ Wide Walkway
  • Fire Pit Dimensions: 4′ x 4′ by 16″ Tall
  • Geo Textile Fabric
  • Brown Crushed Stone Gravel
  • Sod Removal
  • Eagle Bay Wall Block
  • 6×6 Pressure Treated Wood Patio Border
  • Eagle Bay Wall Block Fire Pit
  • Walkway Connects Deck and Driveway
  • Eagle Bay Cottage Stone Pavers