New Deck Renovation with Cable Railing

This deck renovation provides a new and safe deck for the home owner to enjoy their backyard area with. With kiln dried after treatment decking and cable railing it gives the house a nice and unique look. The handcrafted edges on the rail cap also provides a fancy look to the railing system.



  • Spacious gathering area

  • Long lasting decking

  • Open View Railing

  • Dry Space Underneath


  • Pressure Treated Framing
  • Kiln Dried After Treatment
  • Removal of Existing Decking, Railing, and Stairs
  • Radiused Outside of Deck
  • Atlantis Stainless Rail Easy Cable Railing
  • Custom Steps
  • Cable Railing System on Stairs
  • Camo Edge Screws
  • 4×4 Railing Posts
  • 6×6 Pressure Treated Posts
  • New Deck Section
  • Goberco Water Proofing System