New Brick Patio with Deck Landing

This brand new brick patio provides a spacious area for the home owner to enjoy their backyard area. We also added stairs that lead from the patio to the porch to allow access between the two. Kick back and relax while enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning on a patio like this one.



  • Spacious gathering area

  • Long lasting Brick Pavers

  • Update of Old Patio

  • Access to the Backyard


  • Dimensions: 13′ x 35′
  • Removal of Old Deck
  • Kiln Dried After Treatment Decking
  • Camo Edge Screws
  • 4′ Wide Stairs
  • Pressure Treated Railing
  • Pressure Treated Framing
  • Landing at Garage Door
  • Removal of Existing Sod and Gravel
  • Brock Polypropylene Paver Pase Panels
  • Solid Clay Brick Pavers
  • Plastic Paver Edge with Galvanized Spikes