Deck Renovation and Pergola

This backyard project allows you to have a shady and spacious gathering area. Enjoy your backyard under the shade of the pergola or add some string lights for an evening under the stars. With white vinyl railings and sleeve detail, it gives this space an updated look. Made from durable materials, this deck will last for years to come!



  • Spacious gathering area

  • Long lasting decking

  • Built off previous deck layout

  • Provides sun protection


  • Pressure Treated Framing
  • Demoed Existing Decking and Pergola
  • Trex Select Decking
  • Trex Select Rim Boards
  • White Vinyl Post Sleeves
  • White Vinyl Railing
  • Custom Platform @ Patio Door
  • White Vinyl Pergola
  • Pressure-Treated Wood Pergola Reinforcement
  • Vinyl Slats on Pergola for Shade