What is happening to us?

… we stare at screens, sit on couches, post about our day, and “like” our friends…

We wander from climate-controlled homes to air-conditioned cars, to offices where we watch the outdoors through panes of glass!

It’s time to wake up. To take back our health, our minds, our bodies, and our relationships.

It is time to LIVE… to shift where we invest our money, our talents, our efforts, and time!

We will set aside our devices and read a good book.

We will take pen and journal and let our thoughts flow as the birds sing and the wind blows.

We will spread a mat to stretch tense muscles, and feel the sun on our backs!

We will share a meal, a drink, and a lively conversation around the smoke of the fire.

We will stop to smell the flowers and sink our hands deep into the soil of the garden.

We will not use our abundance to insulate from the world around us, but to lean into it and experience the world like never before.

We live outdoors

We sweat in the heat

We feel the cold.

We walk

We garden

We grill

We play

We love

We give

We encourage

We share a dream

We will Bring the Outdoors Closer to Home!