Five Keys for Creating an Outdoor Space That Allows You to Live Outdoors at Home

Know yourself

As you start to plan your outdoor living space, you are going to want to explore your unique personality and wants and needs for the space. The trendy styles might not be what is important to you and your family. You want your space to reflect how you enjoy bringing people together and what aspects of connection are meaningful for your relationships. Perhaps you love to gather family around an outdoor table or maybe you prefer connecting in a comfortable seating area. It is also important to discover what helps you recharge. We want to create a space for you that will make you feel renewed. Do you enjoy the sun on your face? Perhaps you cannot relax if there are mosquitos all around. Different elements of backyard design can create a place that will allow you to truly unwind and feel refreshed while you spend personal time outside.  

Keep it Simple

The natural world is amazing, and at its core, it is uncomplicated. It has a simplistic beauty to it. We want the same for the outdoors spaces that we live in and use. To create a transition to the outdoors. We want them to be low maintenance, a place you can easily step into and use readily. For that, we want to help you choose materials that allow you to enjoy it without too much upkeep.

Fit the environment

Your outdoor living space should fit the environment of your home and land. We want to help you choose styles and materials that compliment and draw out your homes’ style and look seamless, like it has always belonged. We also want to connect it to the features of your land, so that it doesn’t feel like just another indoor space. We want to use the qualities specific to your property to create an outdoor space that is cohesive to the environment it is placed.  

Keep it Natural

While we are building and creating something additional, we want it to connect to the natural elements of the space. There are unique aspects, such as a view, the landscape, or trees, that can be accentuated or help create a focal point for your space. We want to cultivate what is already existing. Our goal is to help you be creative in how we can bring elements of the landscape in and connect it to the natural beauty of the great outdoors. 

Buffer Distractions

The world we live in has many distractions vying for our attention. When it comes to relaxing in an outdoor space, buffering distractions can be a critical piece. These distractions might be external, such as road noise or a neighboring property. Perhaps you need design elements that will allow for privacy or natural separation. It might be getting creative in how the space can allow you to press pause and compartmentalize day to day tasks, chores, or work. More than ever, our society needs spaces that create environments to allow us to separate from technology, while still creating an experience that captivates your mind and soul. Creating an environment that buffers distractions will increase the meaningfulness and life impact value of your outdoor living space.