Current Openings

Job Title: Customer Service & Administration

Department: Office
Reports To: President & Integrator Effective Date:
Non Exempt Position

Job Summary:
The Customer Service & Administration position is responsible for customer relationship
management and making valuable contributions to Bear Creek’s sales objectives.
Key responsibilities include answering phones and talking with customers about their project
options, directing customers and vendors to appropriate departments, client account set ups,
invoicing, managing leads within Facebook, keeping HubSpot running efficiently & helping
customers through their financing options within Hearth and GreenSky.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Customer Contacts
• Achieves goals and objectives set for number, type and frequency of customer
contacts & call backs.
• Maintains an accurate record of customer contacts in
• CRM system, including valuable notes to assist our sales process
• Generates lists of new and/or potential contacts in their territory and qualifies potential
• Follows-up with existing customers regarding on-going work to determine customer
satisfaction and future needs
• Follows-up with Facebook leads and messages.

2. New Business Development
• Effectively addresses customer questions and concerns, documents the conversations
and takes appropriate action to resolve the issues
• Provides support for projects and uses analysis to discover the cause and effect of
specific problems

• Uses technical expertise to assist customers in developing technical specifications and
project objectives
• Contributes to Company promotional and marketing activities to generate leads for our
sales process
• Assists with customer presentations and participates with customer calls
• Contributes to client satisfaction by assisting with the project scope of work and making
introductions to the project team
• Coordinates with marketing team to ensure work schedules, deadlines and quality
meet customer expectations

3. Administration
● Assist with administrative tasks needed from any division in the company.

Key Company Expectations:
Relationship Management
● Maintains positive customer and team member interactions both on the field and in the
● Respects company and client property.
● Follows directions well, listens to directions both orally and written. Demonstrates the
ability to lead as well as follow others.
Work Efficiency
● Demonstrates the ability to pace work well and maintain a good work speed.
● Initiates necessary tasks, continued growth, and overall creativity.
● Initiates growth and can either work independently or demonstrates growth while
learning under supervision.
● Communicates clearly, asks questions, checks company communication avenues such
as band, voxer and company emails on a regular basis. Response times are within a
timely manner with team members or clients.
● Engages and attends Monday morning meeting and team meetings on a weekly and
monthly basis.
● Conducts themselves with a teamwork mentality which reveals itself within encouraging
words, praise, an eagerness to help others and generally speaking well of others.
Working well with the team is very important.
Professional Responsibilities
● Demonstrates reliable attendance and punctuality with arriving to work, breaks, lunch
breaks and clocking in and out.
● Adheres to the company handbook instructions on proper cell phone usage.
● Demonstrates safety awareness and wears proper PPE while working.
● Maintains good hygiene, neat appearance & wears the company uniform.

Core Values:

● Honesty, willing to lead and be led, speaking well of others, not cutting corners.
● Excellence not perfection, willing to learn from mistakes, collaboration as a team.
Brining your best self, energy, creativity, etc to the day.
Personal Development
● Willingness to learn, attitude towards those teaching, desire to grow.
Passion, Teamwork & Encouragement
● Words matter in regards to team and clients, positive attitude, shout outs, notice what
work another is doing.
● Excellence. Foster learning in your craft. Bring your best self to the day.
● Be willing to be wrong. Creative ways to overcome roadblocks in the field or in the office.
Faith, Family, Community
● Believing in one another, loyalty, seeing the best in others, positive attitude.
● Speak well of others and teamwork, life balance.
● Volunteering, champion one another outside of Bear Creek
Fun, Giving
● Laugh, share life with one another. Be willing to be a friend. Don’t take yourself too
● Have a spirit of giving to the team and others. Build community through giving.

Educational and experience requirements include:
● Relevant experience in a sales or customer service role, preferably in a related industry
● Strong business development skills
● Above average written and oral communication skills to interact with customers,
prospects and our internal team
● Proven project and customer relationship management skills
● Ability to handle high volume of tasks at one time and continue to get them done in a
timely manner
● Personality and communication skills to build strong relational connection with clients

● This position will be an hourly full time position with 40 hours a week.

This postion is an in-office postion to be carried out from the Bear Creek offices in Waynesboro, VA

● This is a full time non-exempt hourly position. Pay range is based on experience.
● All Bear Creek Full Time Benefits

This job description identifies the major responsibilities of this position. Employees may
be required to perform other duties as assigned, to assist with executing the company’s
business model, promoting the company’s culture, mission and values.