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Helping Bring Families Back To Their Roots

Over the last number of years people have started returning to the joys of back-yard gardening.  Some folks desire more control over how their food is grown, some desire to be more food secure or maybe some desire to get back to the long remembered days of helping a parent or grandparent in their garden. Indeed, adding a garden to your backyard is an investment worth the sweet reward it will bring year after year.

Because truth be told, there is something wonderful about that first red, ripe tomato plucked from the garden or the crisp taste of early snap peas enjoyed standing beside the trellis that bears their sweet weight.

As a young girl I spent hours gardening with my Mom, learning how to turn the soil, plant, water and harvest the bounty of our hard work. And while I can’t say I always enjoyed the work of a garden, I did enjoy the benefit of its healthy abundance and today I am an avid gardener, tending my own gardens from early spring through late fall.

In the same way we, at Bear Root Gardens, want to help you get back to your own roots of growing OR help you discover them for the first time.

The way we do that is by providing a hassle free, simple solution to gardening by offering custom built planter boxes fitted to your specific situation, fully installed and ready to grow! We further empower you by providing free planting plans, resources and tips and optional maintenance plans.

No matter which option you decide on we are excited to help you start growing simple food in your own backyard – helping to bring fresh, healthy food to your dinner table.

Growing Together,


Victoria Mininger

Victoria Mininger

Founder & Garden Consultant

Victoria loves sustainable agriculture and has years of gardening experience passed down to her by her parents and experienced garderns along the way. In 2018 Victoria completed her certification in Permacutlure Design from Sheandoah Permaculture Insitute and incoporates permaculture principles througout her garden designs.

3 Garden Product & Services Options To Choose From:

  • 1. Purchase a pre-built planter box and Install Yourself

    You can purchase a pre-built planter from our current selection of planters and take care of the install when you’re ready.

  • 2. Full Install and Planting of Garden

    Once we have finalized your garden vision will begin building out your custom boxes in our workshop. While your boxes are being crafted in the shop our garden consultant will work with you on the location and design for your garden.  Upon completion of the boxes, our Bear Root team will install the garden boxes and fill with ready to plant soil.

  • 3. Choose a Maintenance Plan

    Life can get busy. Gardens do take work. We have the solution. As available, you may choose one of our maintenance plans that will give you the joy and reward of fresh food right in your back yard, without all the work.  We will come on a regular schedule to tend, problem solve and update you on what is ready to harvest.



Can I buy just a planter box and install it myself?

Yes. Absolutely! You can choose from our pre-built planter options and install it when you’re ready.  Once purchased, we will let you know when the planter is ready for pickup at our Bear Creek Outdoor location in Waynesboro or ask about our delivery option at time of order.  We will deliver for free within a 35 mile radius of Waynesboro.

 How much sun do I need for a garden?

Up to 6 hours of sun is recomended, with 8 hours being the ideal amount of sun exposure for a location.

Do you offer maintenance plans for pre-established vegtable gardens that Bear Root did not install? 

We do provide maintenance plans for pre-established vegtable gardens but only reserve a limited amount of spots each season.  Note that before a maintenance plan is agreed upon our garden consultant will visit your garden and determine if it is a fit for our current maintenance plan and team.  If you are interested in having your vegtable garden considered for one of these select spots please contact us by phone or through project button on this page.