Team Member Spotlight: Diana Arrojado

Diana Arrojado

Diana joined the Bear Creek team in July 2022 and works as a Designer/Drafter for the

team. Diana is originally from Metro Manila, Philippines and currently resides in Quezon City, Philippines.


More From Diana

Diana is responsible for creating the beautiful Conceptual Designs for our clients with 3D designs being her favorite to create. With a background in architecture, she is excited to expand her portfolio in outdoor design. Her kind attitude and attention to detail brings a positive and creative light to our design team.

When not working with Bear Creek, Diana enjoys watching her favorite anime series and going out with friends.

A Few Fun Facts 

  1. She loves Strawberries

  2. She Loves Dogs (Dachshunds being her favorite)

  3. She has a sweet tooth

  4. She enjoys lattes

  5. She can’t fall asleep without her teddy bear


At Bear Creek, we are blessed to have an amazing team. We share about our team members because we are proud of who they are and we love for you to get to know them better.  To learn more about any of our team members you can visit the Bear Creek Team Page.