Team Member Spotlight: Kathryn Jacobson

Meet the Bear Creek Team. Team member bio for Kathryn Jacobson, Admin for Customer Service and Design

Kathryn joined the Bear Creek team in August of 2022 and works as an Administrative and Design Assistant for the team. Kathryn is originally from Utah, and currently resides in Crimora, Va. 

Kathryn has been such a positive and people-focused addition to our team. She brings joy to the office and loves engaging with clients to listen and help draw out their visions for their dream outdoor living spaces. She is a quick learner and desires excellence in everything she does. She is a deep person with a heart for her family and others and enjoys meaningful work. 

More from Kathryn 

I really enjoy going on site and helping clients come up with design plans for their space. I love to make up the sketches that we give to our 3D designers for rendering. Brian and Leslie saw my propensity for sketching, and Victoria gave me books to help develop my skill. My creative brain is thriving!

I am married and have three children; we do everything together! We enjoy movies, making music, anything outdoor, and we are very active in our faith community. They are the best friends I have and the wisest people I know. 

A Few Fun Facts 

  • I play the piano, guitar, and sing. 
  • I love classic boxing and kickboxing, and teach it sometimes. 
  • My faith runs deep and is the guiding current of my life. 
  • I love to write poetry and short stories. 
  • I quote movies like it’s a second language.


At Bear Creek, we are blessed to have an amazing team. We share about our team members because we are proud of who they are and we love for you to get to know them better.  To learn more about any of our team members you can visit the Bear Creek Team Page.