Launching the Furnishing Plan

Announcing the launch of Furnishing Design

We are excited to announce a new element in our products and services! Our team has grown to now have the capabilities to help you with furnishing design for your project. Our hope is always to serve you better!

For years, our clients have shown us pictures that they have found online or their Pinterest board of what they want their backyard space to look like.  Almost always, these pictures are furnished!  They are a full concept; tied together with furniture, lights, rugs, accents and more.  Up until now, we have only been able to take it so far.  We build amazing projects, but we’ve never been able to take it all the way for delivering for people the vision from those inspiration pictures.

With Leslie Carter joining the team in furnishings and customer service, Gray Trotter’s skills in drafting and design and with Brian Mininger and Keith Sneed to assist in the project planning, we now have the capabilities to really put it all together.  We are so thrilled that we can now help you get all the way to your vision for your outdoor living space. We can’t wait to serve you!