Team Member Spotlight: Wesley Showalter

Here at Bear Creek, we are privileged to have such a great team of people working for our clients. Once a week we highlight one of our team members so that you can get to know them a little bit better.

This week’s spotlight falls on Wesley Showalter. Wesley joined the Bear Creek team in May and works as a Cut Man for the team. Wesley is originally from Bridgewater, VA. 

How did you come to the Bear Creek team?

I saw an ad on Facebook and had previously met Brian and Victoria at a family reunion (cousin to my wife).

What have been some of your favorite projects to work on and why?

I enjoy working outdoors, especially on the one tribe farm. I enjoy meeting people and building things for them to enjoy, decks, pergolas and screened in porches. 

What are some things you appreciate and value about working with the Bear Creek team? 

I appreciate how we encourage each other to work as a team. Great company to work for. 

When you’re not working with Bear Creek, what do you enjoy doing in your downtime with friends/family?

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and building things for the kids…treehouse, obstacle course, swing set, etc.

What are a few random facts about you?

My hobby is building crafts or shooting bows. Love to travel, especially out west or to a beach somewhere. . Mint chocolate chip ice cream is a favorite. I have a black belt in karate. American sniper is my favorite movie.