Co-Founder/Vice President Spotlight: Brian Mininger

Here at Bear Creek, we are privileged to have such a great team of people working for our clients. Once a month we highlight one of our team members so that you can get to know them a little bit better.

This month’s spotlight falls on Brian Mininger. Brian joined the Bear Creek team in the Fall of 2016 and is the Co-founder/ Vice President of Bear Creek. He is originally from Waynesboro, VA and currently resides in Waynesboro with his wife Victoria (Founder/President of Bear Creek) and their four daughters, Michaela, Anna, Rachel, and Kaitlyn. 

When did you come on board with Bear Creek and what does your role look like? 

I joined Bear Creek in the Fall of 2016 as Victoria and I were looking to expand the construction services that we were offering. I was hoping to contribute my many years in the construction industry to help that side of the business to grow. 

What have been some of your favorite projects to work on?

One of my favorite projects was one where we worked on a backyard studio, deck, and screened porch for Mr. Reedy, who is an author in Charlottesville. I really enjoyed that project! I also loved working on the project for the Inn at WestShire Farms. There we built a new porch and multi-level deck that was a lot of fun! 

What are some things you appreciate and value about working with the Bear Creek team?

I really appreciate working with the Bear Creek team, because it’s such a great group of people. It’s exciting to be around people each day, who are continuously seeking ways to better their skills, abilities, and themselves as a whole. I love working with this amazing team that we have here at Bear Creek. We have a lot of fun. 

When your not working with Bear Creek, what do you enjoy doing in your downtime with friends/family? 

In my downtime, I really enjoy participating in activities for my daughters and the events that are going on at their schools. I also really love being outdoors. Specifically, hiking in Shenandoah National Park and running. I just recently finished my first marathon. 

What are five random facts about you? (e.x. unique hobby, a fun experience you’ve had, favorite ice cream/season/movie, hidden talent, etc…)

  • I would like to complete a hundred mile ultra marathon someday. 
  • My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough. 
  • I love the movie Remember the Titans
  • I am a huge college basketball and football fan.