Team Member Spotlight: Ben Norlin

Here at Bear Creek, we are privileged to have such a great team of people working for our clients. Once a month we highlight one of our team members so that you can get to know them a little bit better.

This month’s spotlight falls on Ben Norlin. Ben joined the Bear Creek team in September and works as a Lead Assist for the team. Ben is originally from Prairie View, a suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides in Waynesboro. 

What is your position on the Bear Creek team? 

I entered my role here at Bear Creek as an entry-level carpenter to gain the skills that I would need to work out in the field. I was just recently promoted to the position of Lead Assist and have really been enjoying the role! 

How did you come to the Bear Creek team?

I was working on a few side projects of my own, when I was tagged in a post on Facebook that had also mentioned Bear Creek. I ended up going to the Bear Creek page, where I spent some time going through their photos and posts. Based on what I saw, Bear Creek was doing work that I wanted to get involved in, so I reached out to them through Facebook. After spending some time talking with Brian over messenger, he offered to talk with me about accepting a job at Bear Creek. That conversation eventually led to the position I have now at Bear Creek! 

What have been some of your favorite projects to work on and why?

We have done a couple of deck projects that I have greatly enjoyed. I really like the whole process of building something because no one here gives constraints on your creativity and perfection. Even when your doing a simple task like sanding edges at the end of a job, no one is rushing you to just get the job done. I can take my time to make sure the finished project is perfect. That has always been something I have loved about carpentry. It is a form of art on a larger canvas. I love the fact that I am able to use my creativity, skills, and craftsmanship in many different fields including carpentry. Although I have enjoyed the deck projects, I have really simply enjoyed every project for the opportunity it gives me to be creative. 

What are some things you appreciate and value about working with the Bear Creek team? 

The camaraderie and mission of Bear Creek are two things that I really like about working here. I don’t think anyone is doing what we’re doing here. The goal that we have here at Bear Creek to create community spaces means that we are working on projects similar to those we would do at our own homes. It is all work you want to do at home but are instead able to extend to others who have their own ideas to contribute. I really like the overall mission of Bear Creek to value those interactions through the creation of unique spaces. 

When your not working with Bear Creek, what do you enjoy doing in your downtime with friends/family?

I’m a big fan of outdoor activities and tend to spend a lot of my extra time outdoors hiking. I’m always down to do something fun outdoors! I also love visiting Downtown Richmond to try new restaurants and explore.  

What are a few random facts about you?

  1. My favorite season is Autumn because I love Halloween. 
  2. I used to play the didgeridoo, which is something I got into on a camping trip with some friends. We were sitting around a fire one evening, and I had the idea that it would be fitting to play a didgeridoo while sitting around the fire. So I went home and bought one. Since then, I had heard about didgeridoos being made of bamboo and was curious about making one myself. Coincidentally, we were at a job site recently that had bamboo growing on the property. After asking the client if we could have some, I took a few pieces home and made a couple of didgeridoos! 
  3. I taught myself how to breathe and eat fire from watching YouTube videos. 
  4. My favorite ice cream is cherry chocolate chip. 
  5. I used to convert vans into camping vans.