Big Toys & Childhood Dreams

Good Morning!

Backyard Brian here.

     I’m down here in Waynesboro right outside of Fishburne Military School. And I’m excited about something I saw this morning and wanted to show it to you. Many of you who live around town are familiar with Fishburne Military School, and there’s a dump truck behind me, which is going to lead into some of what I want to talk about.

     Fishburn has been here for quite a long time. It’s been a fixture of this community, and it’s exciting. They’ve got some new growth happening, and my friends from Harman Construction – shout out to Ryan Strike, Wayne Whitmer, John, and all the other guys I’ve known and worked with through the years at Harman – are getting ready to put an addition on the school here. They’re building them a new gym. However, what I really wanted to talk about is these big machines back here.

     This building right there that you see ahead of me is part of Bethany Lutheran. It’s right behind Bethany Lutheran, I should say. Then on the other side of that was where I went to elementary school. As a kid, I hung out in this area quite a bit. When I was really young, I remember a summer when they were working down the street from my house on some storm water works and had the backhoes digging. I loved it. I couldn’t believe how cool these machines were. I remember that every morning that summer, as soon as I could get done with my breakfast, I headed out, ran down the street, and sat on a dirt pile to watch these machines dig all day long. That’s what I saw here this morning with these machines digging and was reminded of how fascinated I was as a kid. This also reminded me that God puts our passions, desires, and fascinations in our heart that give indication to our purpose. That love for digging and building became a key part of what God has for me and what I get to do each and every day.

     This morning as you watch these machines work – that bulldozer pushing dirt, the excavator putting dirt on the truck – think about the things that God has put in your heart that you love and ask him: Are those clues to His purpose and plan for my life?

     So I’m a builder. I love being a builder. I love taking raw materials, putting them together into structures, organizations, and companies.