Essential Connections

I am excited because I’m going to get to show you one of my favorite places today. I’m at the Farmhaus Coffee Company right here in Waynesboro. This is one of my favorite places because this is one of the places that I make connections.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what has happened in our business over the last couple of years. From Victoria starting by herself two and a half years ago as a construction cleaning company to the team that we have today of a dozen people. As well as the clients that we help with on their outdoor projects. We haven’t accomplished that by ourselves by any stretch of the imagination. None of us are self-made in any way. We’re a product of the relationships in the communities that we’re a part of.

I’m so grateful for the community that I’m a part of here in Waynesboro made up of other amazing entrepreneurs, business people, and service providers. One of the places that I often come to make those connections is here at The Farmhaus. It’s amazing how sitting together at a table with a cup of coffee can make a meaningful connection that ends up benefiting all of us. Sometimes business comes out of it, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, we make friends, strengthen our community, and enrich our lives because of the relationships that are formed. The Farmhaus is one of my favorite places to do that. I’m going to take a quick minute to take you inside.

I meet people here all the time that have never been to The Farmhaus.. My daughter, Michaela, works here. Then Aaron and Bethany Mallory are the owners of this coffee shop, and they’re my neighbors up here in the Tree Streets too. They’re just amazing people, who serve so well. We’re going to take you inside here, let you see what the Farmhaus is all about and and maybe it can become a place for your own future connections.

I want to give you a challenge for this next week. Who do you need to get a cup of coffee with? Who do you need to reconnect with? Connect with them. Find time this weekend or over the next week to grab a cup of coffee with that person.

We’re coming in the back door here from the back parking lot, but you can also park up front on Main Street. Here we’re coming to the counter where you order and meet the staff. This is Michaela and Rachel. Michaela is my oldest daughter, and she does a great job serving here. So why don’t you give an overview of what you all have here?

Sure! First, we have house-made pastries. We make everything from scratch here except for the bagels, which come from Mr. J’s in Harrisonburg. Then we also make coffee of course, which is our main focus. We serve regular coffee, as well as espresso drinks, smoothies, tea, and other specialty drinks. Then we also have food including things like sandwiches, salads, toasts, etc… It’s not a large menue but we have enough for a good lunch or breakfast.

Awesome. In here, I make many one-on-one coffee connections and our PRO group meets upstairs on Friday mornings, where we have a great time connecting. Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!

If you haven’t been to the Farmhaus Coffee Co. yet, now is the time to come down here and check it out!