Home Improvement – Deck Railing and Porch Screening

Good Friday morning, Backyard Brian here.  We’re finishing up a project today I want to show you some things on this project that might be helpful for your next project.  I get asked a lot about materials for deck projects and there are many options. You have wood and composite products and there is a big cost jump even though you gain lower maintenance when you jump from wood to composite products. There’s a middle road that works out  well for some people, if financially they don’t want to go all the way to composite.  That is to upgrade the railing because the railing is the part of the wood. In a pressure treated wood deck has the most trouble with sun, it splits, it cracks, and it comes apart. Also if you’re staining the wood, that takes the most work. In this deck, for example, we used white vinyl rails, then we use pressure treated decking.  On this pressure treated decking, we used a hidden fastening system that closes screws on the edges. You can’t see any screws and the surface of the deck is nice and clean. I’m going to show you the porch, we used some new technology on the porch system. This screening system is a V series from Living Space. These screen units give all the ventilation of a national screen porch.  However in Virginia, we have some nice transitional seasons or sometimes we get not so nice weather during Nice seasons and it would be great to be able to close the porch.  So this is as simple as lifting these panels and closing them. Now the ventilation in the porch here is shut off. If it’s a cooler day and you want to keep it a little warmer on the porch, you can do that.  If it’s windy and you don’t want your stuff blowing everywhere you can close a section, you can lift it up from the bottom so that you only have the top block. These also provides some sun filtering as well, each section of the porch is done this way. It’ll really allow the porch to function as a three seasons room if you want it to. This one is kind of interesting, we made this roof as a kind of pergola style, it’s done with framing and purloins, a metal roof. The edge detail on the end is more like a pergola. We’re still finishing up some of the Tie-Ins here, but it gives this porch a really nice look but it’s closed in. So rather than just a pergola shade structure, this room gives more usage and many more ways to use this. I hope everyone has a great weekend. For those of you that are friends and family, were heading to get Michaela this afternoon’s from Dulles Airport and we’re really excited to be picking her up. I hope you have a great weekend with your family as well. Take care, we’ll talk to you later. Bye.

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