Good morning, Backyard Brian here.  I got my buddy, Brandon, with me this morning. We’re out in Ohio, and we’re on a quest. That quest has something to do with one of the things I’ve known about home improvement for a long time. Home improvement is a long, painful process, and if you’ve ever been through a home improvement project you can understand that. Years ago, there was a survey done of contractors. One of the things that they discovered was that contractors have lots of projects for themselves that they haven’t it done.

The reason they haven’t done it is because they know how inconvenient it is. One of the things that we know and understand is, home improvement can be painful. We come in and basically disrupt every lifestyle that you have. You got people that you don’t know showing up. Even guys like Brandon, who is a pretty nice guy. You have people you don’t know in your way. It’s noisy, it’s dusty, and there’s a lot going on.

So our goal right now is to find the newest technology and develop new strategies. Hopefully to make home improvement as painless as possible for our friends, family, and clients. So we’re going out to Ohio to LivingSpace Sunrooms, and they’ve got some amazing, new, patent technology that we’re really excited about.

This technology will allow us to construct rooms in 1-2 weeks instead of the average assemblage time of 4-5 weeks. This makes a world of difference for your life. We get in, get done, and get out. We’re working on all kinds of technology, and Brandon – one of our installers – is along. We’re on a quest this morning, and this should be fun. We were out here a few weeks ago and got an overview on the product. Today, we’ll get into more and see exactly how the installation process works. I hope all of our friends and family have an amazing day.

I’m excited that we get to serve our clients with what we’ve learned and the skills that God has given us. Anyway, y’all have a great day. Take care. Bye.