Affordable Battery Drill – Bauer Hammer Drill & Impact Driver

Hello and Good Afternoon!

Backyard Brian here. Why backyard Brian? Everyone needs a nickname, and so I figured I’d snag one for myself. Honestly though, I love the backyard. It’s where community and relationships happen. Out of everything we’ve done through the years, I’ve always enjoyed working on the backyard. I am going to take a minute to show you all something that I thought might be helpful for many of my friends and family.

It’s a drill from Harbor Freight that we’ve been using for a little while here at Bear Creek.  I wasn’t exactly sure how this would do.The tools from Harbor Freight can be mixed, in terms of quality. However, we’ve been really happy with this power tool. I wanted to show it to you cause it’s very affordable. If you need a battery drill for around the house and aren’t repeatedly using it for heavy, industrial work, this is pretty good.

This is the hammer drill, which works well with normal screws and also has the impact hammer for drilling into masonry, which is fantastic. We’ve done a fair amount of installation with this. It’s not good for real large holes, but if you need to put in tap-cons or other masonry screws, this has a very good hammer on it that has worked very well.

Then the other one here is your impact driver. This works really well for driving larger screws. Maybe you’re doing some work on your deck, or have to do something like that. You can put larger sockets in this and work on your car (or other mechanical things) as well. It’s not going to do real heavy work, but it works great for driving screws. You can drive four and five inch – even six inch – TimberLok Screws all day long with this thing, and it does great.

We’ve found these to be pretty comparable to some of the other tools at home improvement stores like Lowe’s. I hope this is helpful. Have a great day!

~ Backyard Brian

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