Don’t Miss This Potential Cause of Leaks on Your Home

Good Afternoon. Brian Mininger here.

I have recently been working on something here that I wanted to take a quick minute to show you all.

I’m working on a house that doesn’t have any large trees around it. Thus, it’s easy to think that the gutters are clean and there are limited issues with blockage in the gutters. However, over time, the grit that comes off of asphalt shingles can collect in the gutters. On this particular house,  it collected in the corner and created blockages in the gutter. Then, the cold (it’s really cold today – around 20 degrees) has caused the ice built up in the corner to create a leak, not only in the gutters, but also back into the fascia and onto the deck.

So, we cleaned this grit from the shingles out of the gutter to limit any issues going forward. Don’t just assume that a lack of surrounding trees will diminish blockage in your gutters and keep you from needing them checked.

Go ahead and take the time to get somebody up there. Get yourself up there. Be careful. Don’t hurt yourself getting on a ladder, but go ahead and check those gutters out. If you want to see the pictures of what this looked like, go to our Facebook page, and I’ll post the pictures.

Have a good one. We’ll talk to you later.

~ Backyard Brian

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