Can I Open Up That Wall?

Good Afternoon.

Brian Mininger coming to you live from the Bear Creek Shop, and it’s bitter cold outside. It’s cold in here but not as cold as it is outside. I’m going to start bringing these live videos to you. I have been encouraged by some friends to share some of the things that I’ve learned in home improvement, remodeling, and construction through the years. Thought that it could be helpful to some others.

I’m going to start with a question that was asked to me over the holidays. I’ve heard versions of this question a lot through the years. Basically it’s this, “can I open up that wall or put a window in that wall?” When it comes to removing walls in our homes or creating openings, there are many factors that go into it. The simple answer is, yes, you always can.

It’s simply a matter of the level of difficulty. That depends on things like: Is the wall structural? Is there a load from a roof or floor above it? Are there plumbing pipes or electrical wires in the way?

All of those things take some knowledge of construction and remodeling to be able to evaluate what it’s going to take. Sometimes, our crew has to open a wall up before we really know the reality of what’s necessary to complete that job.

However, if you desire to create an opening in your house, the reality is that you can do it. It’s simply a matter of the difficulty. It takes someone with experience to look at that. It’s not a simple answer, but hopefully that answer helps. This way, you know that it is possible. If you get the right person to look at it, they can help you figure out exactly how difficult it’s going to be and what it’s going to cost.

Have a great day. We will talk to you next time.

~ Backyard Brian

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